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Pop Songs eBook

Pop Songs eBook

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If you prefer playing Pop Songs that are familiar to you, look no further than POP SONGS BY NUMBER. You don't need to read music and no special musical skills are required.

The truth is, you can learn the basics of the piano from a pop song just as well as any piano textbook!

Explore songs by the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Country, Pop, the Gershwins and many other great bands, styles, eras, and performers, all presented in the easy-to-understand PIANO BY NUMBER format.

Play pop songs using the fun Piano by Number method. No musical experience or music reading is required to get started playing Piano by Number songs.

All melodies are played by the right hand, and are expressed in numbers so there is no need to read music. 

Pop music is based on the “singer-songwriter” style of playing, the accepted format for all pop music at the piano. In this style, the melody is in the right hand (the numbers) and the chords (the letters, groups of three keys) are in the left hand. 

With numbers, Pop Songs are easy to explore!


  • Suitable for older kids and adults
  • Identical to the original printed version
  • Includes printable PDF of 186 page book with 38 pop songs
  • Packed with songs that you can explore on your own
  • Includes printable sticker template
  • Free pre-printed stickers sent worldwide if requested
  • FREE Piano By Number Mobile Phone APP  

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Pop Songs contains 38 songs

POP SONGS BY NUMBER contains 38 popular songs that use both the white and black keys of the piano. It contains chord indications (groups of three keys played with the left hand) so that you can start playing with both hands, and includes lyrics. 

A Foggy Day, All I Have To Do Is Dream, Always On My Mind, Bewitched, Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain, Crazy, El Paso, Georgia, Harry Potter, He’ll Have To Go, Hey, Jude, I Fall To Pieces, I Left My Heart in San Francisco, I Walk The Line, I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry, Imagine, Jingle Bell Rock, King of the Road, Love Me Tender, Make The World Go Away, Moon River, My Funny Valentine, My Heart Will Go On, Ring of Fire, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Satisfaction, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Stand By Your Man, Stormy Weather, Strangers in the Night, Theme from The Godfather, We Are the Champions, White Christmas, Yellow Submarine, Yesterday, Your Cheating Heart

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Pop Songs Sample Page

Chords for Each Song

The chords to each song (the letters above the numbers) are shown on the pages directly following each song. This makes it easy to find each chord without searching pages at the back of the book. (See illustration below.)

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