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Piano Is A Great Parent-Child Activity

Parent and Child at the Piano

Piano can be a great parent-child activity, even when neither has any musical training or expertise!

PIANO BY NUMBER allows you to explore a huge variety of songs in a simple, easy to understand format. We concentrate at first on enjoyment, and this means getting the child to willingly come to the piano for a bit of fun.

Adults can benefit from the same easy approach: find familiar songs you love amd play them in an easy format.

Don't even think about starting with reading music, for this inevitably leads to stagnation as you struggle to decipher musical notation instead of enjoying songs.

There's time enough for the complexities of reading music once enthusiasm has been established. Without the enthusiasm of an adult or child, piano quickly becomes mired in difficulty and stress.

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Both parent and child can discover the amazing ability of the piano to become a sort of musical typewriter, making any song accerssible to the most modest, beginner talent.

There's a reason the piano keyboard has been around for hundreds of years: it is the simplest way to enter the magical world of making music.

Try A Song With Numbers

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
| 5 6 * 5 | 3 * 8 * | 6 * 5 * | * * * * |
| 5 6 5 6 | 5 * 8 | 7 * * * |

Kids benefit from watching parents struggle with music just like they sometimes do. You may even find  your child attempting to be your teacher, and this builds their self-esteem and enthusiasm.

Think of how much fun it is to play video games with your child, watching them exult in their greater knowledge. Kids love to be better than their parents at something 

But most important is the child's realization that you, as parent, are trying something new with them.

It's very special to sit side by side at the piano with your child, trying to figure out something as pleasureable as music.

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We've turned notes into numbers for happy beginners at the piano!

Play Along Songs Are Fun!


Turn that big piano into a toy! Play fun piano games with your child today! We help take the confusion out of beginning music theory.

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