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Fun & Games!

Practice can be fun! We promise! Playing these games in the order presented below will help your child understand some of the most basic concepts in piano study. Piano practice games are essential to your student’s enjoyment of the piano! Practice always brings us to new heights. 

Show Them How To Practice
Here's a hint: The best approach is to never mention practicing. You can say, “Play that song over a few times before I see you again.” If it’s a song the child likes, it might happen. 

We suggest starting with Piano By Number games unless you want to start reading music. The easiest level is the Piano by Number games. Have Fun! 

Warm Up Game : Left and Right

Piano By Number Games

Game A: Up or Down? (Bach Minuet)

Game B: Up or Down? (Bach Musette)

Game C: Step or Skip? (Mary Had a Little Lamb)

Preparing to Read Music Games

#1 Find a Group of Three Black Keys

#2 Find a Group of Two Black Keys

#3 The Lines of the Music Staff

#4 Notes and Musical Staff



We've turned the notes into numbers for happy beginners on the piano!   

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