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Adult Piano 

Learn Piano Fast As An Adult

Piano Finger Strength

Practice Piano Driving Your Car

The Effect Of Sugar On Piano Finger Muscles

Achieving Piano Finger Strength Using A Television

Machine vs. Human

Making Every Minute Of Adult Piano Practice Count

Introduction To Easy Classical Piano

Ballet of the Piano Hands

A Pianist’s Means of Expression

The Piano Zone

Tips For Adult Pianists

Introduction To Teach Yourself Piano

Vladimir Horowitz Stretching Exercise

The Complete Pianist

There Is No Shortcut To Piano Mastery

Singer-Songwriter Piano Method

Chord Piano Method

Age Groups for Each Book

5-7 year olds

8-10 year olds

Bad Teaching

Don't Tell Kids How Hard the Piano Is

Most Piano Teachers Push Too Hard

Guilt Is The Wrong Way To Buy Attention

You Can Only Enjoy Piano My Way

Shame Based Piano Teaching

What’s Wrong With Children’s Piano?

Piano Teachers Don’t Want You To Shop Around

Inflexible Piano Teachers 


Brain Hemisphere Coordination and Children’s Piano

Brain Chemistry and Emotions in Children’s Piano

Brains, Children and Piano

The Pianist With Two Brains

Endorphins, Children and Piano

Why Kids Dislike Playing With Their Left Hand

The Relationship Between Children, Piano, Music and Math

Einstein’s Piano

Einstein’s Violin Improvisations In Gypsy Style

Piano Brain Chemistry for Kids

Brain Hemispheres and Kid’s Piano

Math, Piano and Kids

Neurotransmitters, Children and Piano

Brain Structure and Kid’s Piano

Child Composers

Kid’s Piano Composing Activities

When Kids Compose Music

Encourage Kids To Compose At The Piano

Children Start Composing With Piano By Number

Child’s Point of View

Don't Tell Kids How Hard the Piano Is

Number Sheets For The Piano

The Pillow and the Piano

What The Piano Means To Your Child

A Child’s Point of View

Finding A Child’s Piano Comfort Zone

Why Kids Need Freedom To Learn Piano

A Bill of Rights for Kid’s Piano

How Kids See The Piano

Inside A Kid’s Head During A Piano Lesson

Kids Don’t Care What’s In The Piano Book

Let The Child Appear To Lead The Piano Lesson

What Bores Children In Piano Lessons?

What Kids Like About Piano Lessons

The Teacher Is More Important Than The Book

Strict Piano Lessons Don’t Work For Kids

The Piano Is A Child’s Thinking Machine

How A Child Sees The Piano Keyboard

Kids Like Holiday Songs On The Piano

I Want To Learn That Song That Goes…

Follow The Child’s Pace With Piano Lessons

Discipline and Repetition Don’t Work in Kid’s Piano

Every Child Learns Piano Differently

Funny Piano Lessons

Engage Kids With The Piano

How A Child Sees The Piano

What Kids Think In A Piano Lesson

What Is Soft Piano?

Freestyle Kid’s Piano

What Kids Need In Piano Lessons

Piano By The Numbers

Piano With Numbers Keys


Kids Learn Chords

Basic Piano Chords For Kids

Root Position Chords

First Inversion Chords

Second Inversion Chords

Two Note Chords For Kids

Six Basic Chords For Kids

Two Note Chords for Younger Kids

What Is A Root Position Chord?

Chords for Kids 

Film Music

Film Music Is Bad Bruckner

Against Film Music 


What Is Fingering?

Piano Fingering Diagram

One-Finger Johnny

Developing Children’s Piano Finger Instincts

Exploring Fingering

Kid’s Finger Olympics

Finger Organization Games

When Is Fingering Necessary?

Piano Fingering for Kids

Children’s Piano Fingering Strategy

Piano Fingering for Preschool Kids

Kid’s Piano Fingering 101

Make Piano Fingering Logical

Piano Fingering for the Very Young

Piano Finger Numbers Worksheet

Fingering and Familiar Songs


Turn Your Piano Into A Toy

Follow The Leader Visual Piano Games

Happy or Sad? Ear Training for Kids

The Piano Dice Game

Piano Hand Position Games

Chordomatic Piano Game

Piano Fun & Games! 

Piano Practice Games

How To Create Piano Games for Kids

Let’s Play Piano With Our Eyes Closed

Piano Blues Game

The Future Effect Of Piano Games

Visual Piano Games and Exercises

Baseball Piano Game

Quarters Piano Game

Mozart’s Favorite Movie

The Impossible Kid’s Piano Game

12 Bar Blues

Piano Activities Kids Find Comfortable

Baseball Piano Chord Game

Precursor Skill Piano Games

Piano Games for Kids


The Dangers Of Teaching Piano To Your Own Child

Teach Your Toddler Piano

Are You Your Child’s Best First Piano Teacher?

The Psychology Of Homeschool Piano

Teach Piano To Your Children

Making Homeschool Piano Work

Homeschool Piano By Number


Eight Best Ways To Learn Piano For Beginners

Playing Piano By Number

Playing Piano By Number – Complete

Starting To Play Piano By Number

Beginning Piano Music With Numbers

Beginner Piano Tutorial

Beginner Piano Books for Kids 

Introduction To Piano By Number

Music On The Mind: Newsweek Articles

Piano By Number Basics

Piano By Number Is The Missing Step

There Are Many Ways To Start Piano

A History of Piano and Numbers

Basic Piano Skills for Kids

Easy Piano Songs for Beginners with Letters

Easy Piano Notes for Popular Songs

Kid’s Difficulties

Why Piano Is Better Than A Video Game

The Danger Zone In Kid’s Piano Lessons

Overcoming Frustration

How To Ensure Failure At The Piano

Why Children Fail At Piano Lessons

Piano Games to Play When All Goes Wrong

Kid’s Piano Difficulties

Late Bloomers

Late Bloomers in Childhood Piano

Encourage Slow Starters At The Piano

Every Piano Lesson Is Not A Winner

Slow Starters and Kid’s Piano

Kid’s Piano Talent May Not Be Obvious

Math and Counting

Math, Piano and Kids

Reinforcing Counting Skills

Motor Skills

Precursor Skill Piano Games

Children’s Piano Motor Skills Defined by Age

Abstract Skills Of Piano

Age Affects Motor Skills

Basic Piano Skills for Kids

Kid’s Piano Motor Skills

Musical Culture

Why America Is Losing The Culture Race

Take Your Kids To The Opera

Why Johnny Can’t Play Piano

America’s Lost Musical Culture

The Kid’s Piano Army

Music History

What Killed the Golden Age of the Piano

Carl Tausig Cooks His Cat

I Meet Aaron Copland

George Sand Killed Chopin

Why Brahms Must Have Been Fat

Artur Rubinstein Was A Vampire

Igor Stravinsky Loses His Cool

Vladimir Horowitz Goes To The Racetrack

Beethoven Was No Beauty

The World’s Largest Blue Danube Waltz

Was Mozart Murdered?

Beethoven’s Rage Over A Lost Penny

Franz Schubert, The First Bohemian

Chopin’s Singing Piano Tone

Stravinsky’s Good Luck

Tchaikovsky’s Greatest Fan

Hector Berlioz and the Orchestral Train Wreck

Piano Lessons with Papa Bach

Piano Lessons with Frederic Chopin

The Great Piano Craze of 1910

The American Piano Wars

Why Hugo Wolf Went Insane

Rachmaninoff and the Evolution of Pop Songs

Musical Feuds

Piano In The Past Was Better

The Master’s Hands

Einstein’s Piano

Einstein’s Violin Improvisations In Gypsy Style

A History of Piano and Numbers

Ryan Seacrest’s Piano Concerto #2

Old School

The Old School Teaches Repetition

New Ways To Teach Old School Piano

Old School Piano Practice Rules For Kids

Kid’s Piano Posture

Kids Reject Old School Piano

Against Disciplinarian Piano Teachers


Why Piano Number Stickers Work

Why Nagging Your Child To Practice Won't Work

Mom and Dad Make Kids Hate Piano

How To Make Your Kid Hate Piano

Ten Ways To Be A Bad Piano Teacher

Your Piano Expectations Are Too High

Visit Your Child’s Piano Lesson

Help Your Child With Piano Lessons

If A Child Succeeds At The Piano, It’s the Parents

Remembering Your Childhood Piano Lessons

Carnegie Hall Starts In Your Living Room

Should Parents Force Kids To Take Piano?

The Long Term Kid’s Piano Strategy

Longevity and Piano Lessons

Does It Matter Which Kid’s Piano Book I Buy?

Your Kid Needs A Good Piano Teacher

Piano Benefits Are Not About The Piano

The Biggest Mistake In Kid’s Piano

What Type Of Pianist Will Your Child Be?

What To Expect From Piano Lessons

Piano Teachers: Home Or Travel

A Child’s Classical Music Listening List

Parents Help Kids Enjoy Piano

Ten Things Parents Can Do To Help With Piano

Piano As An Instrument

Tongue Drum

Kids Piano Brands

A Short History of the Piano

Piano Pedals Explained to Kids

Which Is Best, Acoustic or Electronic?

Buy A Piano for Your Child

Humidity and Your Piano

Origins of the Black Piano Keys

How Good Are Toy Pianos?

Why Piano Is The Best Instrument for Kids

Why Grand Pianos Are Better Than Uprights

Piano Is The Greatest Learning Toy Of All

Guitar Or Piano: Which Is Best For My Child

How To Buy A Piano

Best Electronic Keyboard for Beginners

Melissa and Doug Piano

Child Size Baby Grand Piano

Schoenhut Piano

Children’s Musical Keyboard

Best Toddler Piano

Piano Lessons

Beginner Piano Books for Kids

Piano Books For Young Children

Best Piano Book For Kids

Piano Instruction Books For Children

Beginning Piano Books For Children

The First Piano Lesson

A Piano Lesson Minute By Minute

Toys and Accessories for a Fun Piano Lesson

A Short History of Piano Methods

Pace and Children’s Piano Lessons

Piano Learning Steps For Kids

Piano Lessons In Your Home New Milford CT.

How To Teach Interesting Piano Lessons

Piano Lesson Books For Children Compared

The Truth About Group Piano Lessons

Longevity and Piano Lessons

Google Classroom and Piano By Number

Webcam Piano Lessons Are Good For Kids

Piano Recitals

Piano Recitals Are Poisonous For Some Children

Are Kid’s Piano Recitals Harmful?

Piano Teaching Style

If It’s Fun For The Teacher, It’s Fun For The Kids

Piano Methods and Children’s Personalities

The Backwards Piano Method

Reverse Psychology and Children’s Piano

Help Your Child Enjoy The Piano

Ten Rules for A Pleasant Piano Teaching Atmosphere

If You’re Having Fun, You’re Not Learning

The Difference Between the Worst and Best Piano Teacher

A Piano Teacher’s Emotions

A Pleasant Piano Lesson Atmosphere

The Use of Humor in Piano Lessons

Make Use of Your Student’s Sense of Humor

The Piano Whisperer

Fitting the Piano Method to the Child

Soft Piano vs. Hard Piano

Why I Teach Piano

Advice To A Young Piano Teacher

Teaching Children's Piano

Guilt Is The Wrong Way To Buy Attention

The Piano Teacher’s Tone of Voice

Knowing When To Back Off

Piano Candy: The Case For Bribery

Why Nagging Your Child To Practice Won’t Work

How To Make Your Kids Love The Piano

Teaching Kid’s Piano Is Like Herding Cats

Repeated Victory Will Make You Invincible

Ratio of Talk To Activity in Piano Lessons

On Which Side of the Piano Do You Teach?

Setting the Mood Of Children’s Piano Lessons

Why Kids Succeed At The Piano

Child Pianists Are Like Guide Dogs

The Purpose Of The First Five Piano Lessons

The Real Goal Of Children’s Piano Lessons

The Philosophy Of Piano For Kids

How Simple Should Piano Lessons Be?

Piano Toys You Should Bring To A Lesson

Fun Kid’s Piano

Joyful Piano Lessons

The Invisible Piano Method

A Patient Piano Teacher

Make Beginning Piano Simple

The Reverse Piano Method

Nurture Your Piano Students

Against Disciplinarian Piano Teachers

Piano Teaching

Using Piano in the K-12 School Classroom

So You Want To Be A Piano Teacher?

The Art of Teaching Children’s Piano

Piano Starting Methods

Starting A New Child Piano Student

Even A Good Piano Teacher Has A Bad Day

What Sort Of Piano Teacher Are You?

Carrot and Donkey: Find The Interest In The Piano

What’s The Point of Piano Lessons?

Patient Piano Teachers, Pro and Con

How To Find A Good Piano Teacher

Teaching Children’s Piano

Piano Lesson Minute By Minute

A Short History of Piano Methods

Piano Fun for the Teacher, Fun for the Kids

Piano Teachers

Kids Piano Books Are Useless Without The Right Piano Teacher

Kid’s Piano Teachers Need Personality 


Give The Kid A Reason To Practice

How To Get Your Child To Practice

How To Practice Piano for Kids

Setting Up A Child’s Practice Regime

Disguising Repetition

Why Won’t My Child Practice Piano?

How To Make Piano Practice Interesting

Rules for Piano Practice

Don’t Call It Practicing

How To Get To Carnegie Hall

Don’t Practice, Say “Go Play.”

Making Repetition Fun For Kids


Toddler Piano

Can A 3 Year Old Learn Piano?

How Do I Teach My Preschooler Piano?

Preschool Piano Worksheets

Toddler and Preschool Piano Books

Preschool Piano Activities

Preschool Piano Lesson Plans

Kids Piano In The Preschool and Kindergarten Classroom

Piano For The Very Young

The Best Preschool Piano Method

What Is The Best Age To Start Piano?

Are My Kids Ready For Piano?

Is Preschool The Best Age To Start Piano?

Teaching Preschool Piano Visually

A Visual Approach To Children’s Piano

Preschool Piano Games

Piano For Babies

Best Age To Start Piano

Visual Preschool Piano

Start Kids With The White Keys

What Age Should You Start Piano?

Evaluating Preschool Piano Methods

Preschool Piano Roadmap

How To Develop Interest In The Piano

Beginner Piano Books for Kids

Piano Letters

Piano Music Numbers

Piano Key Numbers

Preschool Piano Lessons Near Me

Preschool Piano Music

Preschool Piano Sheet Music

Easy Piano Songs for Beginners With Letters

Easy Piano Notes for Popular Songs

Baby Piano

Play Piano By Numbers Books

Make Piano Fun For A Five Year Old

Printable Ebooks

Piano Books For Kids PDF

Printable Ebooks

Improvising Stickers for Downloads


If Your Child Is A Piano Prodigy

Musical Genius

Einstein’s Piano

Einstein’s Gypsy Violin

Children’s Hidden Piano Talents

Finding The Path To A Child’s Piano Talent

What Exactly Is Talent In Children’s Piano?

Piano Hands

Comparing Child Pianists and Concert Pianists

Kids Piano Talent May Not Be Obvious

Quit Piano

My Kid Says He Hates His Piano Teacher

Why Your Child Has Rejected Piano

Why Does My Child Want To Quit Piano?

Kid’s Piano Lesson Survival Statistics

Allow Your Child To Be Honest About Hating Piano

Should Parents Force Kids To Take Piano?

How Come My Kid Hates Piano?

Some Kids Don’t Like Piano

Dad Made Me Hate Piano

How To Make Piano Students Quit

How Come My Kid Hates Piano?

Nagging Your Child To Practice Piano

Reading Music

Why Delay Reading Music

What Comes After Numbers In Kid’s Piano

You Say Read, I Say Play

Reading Music for Kids Step By Step

The Basic Piano Curriculum for Kids

The Transition From Numbers To Notes

Preventing Kid’s Struggle To Read Music

Resistance To Reading Music Is Age Based

Stay Sane Teaching Kids To Read Music

Helping Children Read Music

Helping Your Child Find Middle C

What Kids Understand About Sheet Music

An Effective Strategy for Kids Reading Music

How To Help Kids Read Music

The Battle To Read Music

Stickers for Reading Music

Why Is Middle C So Important?

What Comes After Numbers?

Start With Numbers, Then Read Music

Start Kids With Numbers, Then Read Music

Helping Children Read Music

From Numbers To Notes

Why Kids Resist Reading Music

How To Help Your Kids Read Music

Start With Numbers, Then Read Music

Beginner Piano Sheet Music for Kids

Don’t Start With Reading Music

Easy Piano Songs Sheet Music

Piano Letters

Real Children

The Rewards of Patience

Attention Span, Children and Piano

The Path of Least Resistance in Piano Lessons

The Piano Kid

Kid’s Piano Is Childish

Inside A Kid’s Piano Lesson Minute By Minute

The Pitfalls Of Personality In Children’s Piano

Piano By Number Video Tutorials

Teaching Kid’s Piano Is Impossible

Personality and Kid’s Piano

Don’t Start With Reading Music


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Selecting Songs

Selecting Children’s Songs For The Piano

Kid’s Music and The Piano

Using Familiar Songs In Piano Lessons

Kid’s Piano Songs On The White Keys

Fingering and Familiar Songs

Use Recognizable Songs In Piano Lessons

Kid’s Piano Songs

Easy Songs To Play On Keyboard

Easy Popular Songs To Play On Piano

Learn Piano By Numbers Free

Piano By Numbers Book

Start Kids With White Keys 

Software and Computers

Is Piano Learning Software Useful?

Webcam Piano Lessons Are Good For Kids

TV Is Bad for Kids and Piano Can Help

Piano Software or Print Books?

How Kid’s Computer Time Affects Piano Lessons

Special Needs Piano

Piano Books for Special Needs Children

Down’s Syndrome

The Children That Piano Teachers Neglect

Piano By Number and Down’s Syndrome

Hyperactive Kids and The Piano

Extreme Piano Games for an ADHD Child

Hyperactivity and Kid’s Piano

ADHD Piano Games

Piano By Number for a Severely Disabled Girl


Piano Stickers Work For Reading Music

Why Piano Number Stickers Work

Stickers for Downloads 


Putting on the Stickers

Songs on the White Keys


We've turned notes into numbers for happy beginners at the piano!

Play Along Songs Are Fun!


Turn that big piano into a toy! Play fun piano games with your child today! We help take the confusion out of beginning music theory.

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