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Why You Should Buy A Piano For Your Child

Buy Your Child A Piano

You should buy a piano for your child because it is one of the best learning tools ever invented. It dates from the Renaissance and has 9000 moving parts. On the surface, the benefits of piano lessons are well documented:

Higher math scores
Improved handwriting
Better handling of tasks

These benefits can be achieved, over time, with as little as five minutes a day of piano playing. It doesn’t have to be more than playing about with a few songs, and then moving on to something else.

Piano Is Easy

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Unexpected Benefits Of Piano

But there are more subtle benefits that a child experiences when they are lucky enough to have an inspiring teacher that fuels their enthusiasm. The first reward is social. Have you ever heard the saying that “everyone loves a person who plays piano?” It is quite true, but only if the person playing loves it. This can be as simple as a child plunking out Scooby Doo or the Star Spangled Banner, and being very proud of playing a recognizable song. As soon as a child can play a familiar song, there is a rise in self-esteem. The child becomes one of those people who can “play the piano.”

Piano Promotes Maturity

The second reward is maturity. A child has to repeatedly try a song to master it, and this teaches the child the rewards of persistence. A disciplinarian will mistakenly imprint the opposite message in a child’s mind, showing them that persistence leads to frustration and boredom.

One On One With A Caring Adult

The third reward is personal. A child sits for a half an hour with a piano teacher. A clever piano teacher knows how to use praise to raise the child’s mood and self-view. A half-hour with a caring, intelligent teacher is an uplifting experience for a child. Few children spend any length of time, happily, with a teacher. But piano music is different, and children are very susceptible to its charms.

Benefits Of A Non-Digital Experience

But the piano remains a personal struggle for anyone who attempts it. This teaches a child that not everything in life is automated and has a bright electronic screen. Ultimately, both rewards, the standard educational ones like math skills, and the subtly indefinable ones like self-esteem, are part of a positive piano experience for a child.

The Instrument Doesn't Have To Be Expensive

You don’t have to purchase a vastly expensive grand piano. Acoustic pianos are preferable to electronic ones, and you can find excellent rebuilt pianos to fit any budget. My advice would be to explore craftsman-rebuilt pianos with a reputable dealer. There are very reasonable prices on these wonderful instruments. The real reward of as parent is hearing their child playing the piano, enjoying it and wanting to find out more about it. Imagine your child happily playing the piano, and you will know why buying that piano was a wise decision.


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