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Best Toddler Piano

Best Toddler Piano

The best toddler piano method is the one that gets your child crazy about music and the piano.

Realistically, you have only two or three choices in the toy piano instrument category. There are other options, such as an inexpensive electronic keyboard or acoustic piano. But the toy piano is the best toddler piano for many reasons, especially for the very young.

First, toy pianos don't require electricity or a lot of space. Toy pianos are easily portable and don't require professionals to move them about. Electronic keyboards, on the other hand, require an electric cable and connection. Unless you use batteries, which solves the cable/electric issue.

Piano Is Easy

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What Are The Choices Of Toy Pianos?

In the marketplace, there are two broad types. For the youngest child, the Fisher Price brand is the simplest to understand. They sometimes have as few as five keys. Thus they are meant for the most rudimentary of introductions, and the youngest of children. Further up the line, you will find two brands that stand out. One is the Melissa and Doug Piano. The other is a huge company called Schoenhut, who are the largest and oldest maker of toy pianos. 

How Do Toy Pianos Make Sound?

Regardless of the brand, the upper level of toy pianos make sound, not with strings, but with "tines." Tines are small rods or plates of metal. It has more of a xylophone sound than a regular stringed piano. A child will not notice the rather nasal sound, which is still pleasing, When they are older, they may appreciate the sound of actual strings, or the electronic equivalent.

When The Child Asks For a Song

What will you do when the curious child says, "How do I play....?" You can forget teaching them to read music. That will take years. You need a more immediate method, a simpler language. There are only two ways to deal with this problem. Show the child the exact pattern of keys without reference to sheet music.

Number The Keys

Or number the keys, and adopt the simple language of numbers. Here is a numbered piano keyboard, as in Piano By Number:

Online Piano

The Advantage Of Familiar Songs

Using numbers instead of reading music will give your child the most enjoyable start with their toy piano or keyboard. This will allow the child to play many familiar songs on their very first day.

Familiar Songs For Kids To Play
Twinkle Twinkle
| 1 1 5 5 | 6 6 5 * | 4 4 3 3 | 2 2 1 * |
Jingle Bells
| 3 3 3 * | 3 3 3 * | 3 5 1 2 | 3 * * * |

The best songs for toddlers and preschool are the ones they already know. Playing unfamiliar songs usually just confuses kids. So start with familiar songs on the white keys. Get your child a good start at the piano using Piano By Number!


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Best Toddler Piano

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