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Piano Books for Older Kids

Books for Older Kids


Looking for a good piano book for older kids?
Kids play fun, familiar songs right away with our number system.
Give kids a quick and happy start, and confidence at the piano.
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The Missing Step

We're not trying to eliminate reading music. Rather, we believe there is a missing step in children's piano, and that step is to simply let the child enjoy the piano, before the struggles of learning to read music.

The easiest way to do this is to use numbers instead of notes, leaving notes for later when the child has had a chance to get to know the piano keyboard.

Numbered Keyboard

Older Kids Are Ready for Complexity

Older kids are ready for music that is slightly more complex than our beginner books. They are ready for ideas like black keys, fingering and chords (chords are groups of three keys played with the left hand). After starting with a beginner book, kids are ready for challenges like chords and playing with both hands.

Sample Page Big Book

Try a song with black keys on our online piano:

White Christmas

#2 (sharp 2) is the black key in between 2 and 3

#4 (sharp 4) is the black key in between 4 and 5

| 3 * * * | 4 3 #2 3 | 4 * * * | #4 5 * * |


Age Groups:

Books appropriate for this age group would include:



The first three books include "chord symbols," which tell you which groups of three keys to play with the left hand. In addition, flats and sharps (black keys) are included in almost every song.

Chords can be optional, so younger kids can enjoy many songs in these books. I CAN READ MUSIC is all on the white keys, but presents the more complex ideas of reading music in a game form.


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