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Kids Like Holiday Songs On Piano

Kids Like Holiday Songs On Piano

Kids like Holiday songs on the piano. You don't need a big, expensive acoustic piano. An inexpensive electronic keyboard will do just fine. Holiday songs are familiar, repeated every year throughout childhood. It is easy to get a child excited about playing them on the piano.

It's important to make the process not seem like work to the child, but play. This you can accomplish by using Piano by Number, a simple system that provides an instantly understandable and enjoyable musical language for kids.

Holiday Songs Are Everywhere

An additional impetus for children at this time is the omnipresence of Holiday music in their lives: at school, in stores, on the radio. It is everywhere. Piano by Number reduces the complexity of the piano to numbers. This is a level that a child can readily understand. Any child that can count to ten is a candidate for the piano using this easy, child-friendly system.

And a good start leads to further interest. Any realistic view of piano lessons, long term, must include the fact that learning the piano takes time and effort. If you're not having fun, the likelihood is that your child will give up and quit.

Establish Fun Before Reading

Our suggestion is to start with numbers and establish that sense of fun. Then slowly start to introduce the elements of reading music.The stumbling block is always reading music. That is the element that leads to a 90% failure rate in children's piano lessons.

But you can minimize that frustration by using Piano by Number as a balancing element to reading music. Children find numbers enjoyable. Thus it is easy to design a curriculum in which the "work" of reading music is balanced with the "play" of piano with numbers.

Most children are intimidated by piano lessons, piano teachers and reading music. Piano by Number is a chance for kids to take the piano on their own terms. They can move at their own pace, exploring music like a toy. It is far easier to interest a child in the piano if they are already having fun with it.


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