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Piano With Numbered Keys

 Piano Key Numbers

A piano with numbered keys is a way of setting up your piano so you don't have to read music at first.

Reading music is not a good way to start piano.  Many people would love to try piano but are put off by the process of learning to read music.

Sheet Music

But a piano with number keys is a very good way to introduce kids to the piano.

Kids readily understand numbers, and can immediately play hundreds of fun, familiar songs using Piano by Number. Once you get a child a good start, it's easy to start introducing them to more complex ideas and songs.

Number The Keys

The keys are numbered starting in the middle of the keyboard, starting with the number 1, as seen below. There are many different ways of numbering the piano keyboard. But the method we suggest is the only one that follows the classical intervals.

Thus Piano by Number follows classical music theory very closely. It prepares the way for conventional music notation in a way that is entirely child-friendly. Instead of confusing the child with the minutiae of music notation, this method allows the child to start making music right away. 

Let's try a familiar song, a kid's favorite

| 1 1 5 5 | 6 6 5 * | 4 4 3 3 | 2 2 | 1 * * * |

Get An Enjoyable Start

You can see how easy it is for kids to get started using this simple, transparent method. Get started today using a piano with numbers keys so it's easy to play fun songs. 

Children then make a smooth and slow transition to reading music using our fun book, I CAN READ MUSIC.  



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