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For the Teacher: Recommended Reading

Sifting through all of the articles in the Reading Room might feel a bit daunting, so I've made a selection for you of the best advice I can give, after decades of working with children and instilling in them a joy for playing the piano. 

1. The Art of Teaching Children's Piano

2. Piano Teachers' Misconceptions about Children

3. Piano Fun for the Teacher / Fun for the Kids

4. When is Fingering Necessary?

5. Why Kids Dislike Playing with Their Left Hand

6. The Transparent Piano Method

7. The Piano Whisperer

8. The Backwards Piano Method

9. Pleasant Piano Lesson Atmosphere

10. Guilt is the Wrong Way to Buy Attention

11. The Ratio of Talk to Activity in Piano Lessons

12. Against Disciplinarian Piano Teachers 

13. The First Piano Lesson

14. Longevity and Piano Lessons

15. Pace and Children's Piano Lessons

16. Chordomatic Piano Game

17. Bill of Rights for Kid's Piano

18. Strict Piano Lessons Don't Work for Kids 

19. Why Kids Need Freedom to Learn the Piano

20. Comfort Zone

21. Preschool Piano Lesson Plans

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 We've turned the notes into numbers for happy beginners on the piano! 

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