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Introduction To Easy Classical Piano

Introduction To Easy Classical Piano

The Introduction to Easy Classical Piano comes from students able to play music at the piano far more complex than they are able to read from sheet music. If these students were limited only to the music they could read, they would exist on a diet of Jingle Bells and Mary Had A Little Lamb.

This is fine if Jingle Bells is a song you always wanted to play. Are you willing to play it all day?

Sound, perception and pleasure are the essence of music. It doesn’t matter much how you achieve it, from the printed page, Homeric oral tradition, stone tablets or elsewhere.

Easy Classical Piano

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Simplify And Use Alternatives

Thus I teach all students to play complex pieces in simplified versions, or by number, or by ear, or by memory. They learn sheet music as well. They start by playing the great masterpieces in however humble a fashion. I insist students memorize these pieces so that they can look at the piano keys, not the printed page.

The reason for this is simple. Beginning sheet music is necessarily boring and limited in scope. To combat this fatigue, I make all students start as soon as possible playing great masterpieces of classical music in a simplified form.

Try A Song On Our Online Piano

Beethoven's Ninth
| 3 3 4 5 | 5 4 3 2 | 1 1 2 3 | 3 * * 2 | 2 * * * |
| 3 3 4 5 | 5 4 3 2 | 1 1 2 3 | 2 * * 1 | 1 * * * |

Inspiration Helps Kids Endure Repetition

A student who is inspired by playing, however humbly, a great masterpiece, is far more likely to endure the repetition necessary to achieve mastery at the piano. How one gets the information for the music is irrelevant. What matters is that the player knows which keys to push when.

Think of a driver with a road map: one consults the page and then drives. To do both at once is a recipe for disaster. Learn the notes, the keys, and then memorize. Then play the piece from memory, never referring to the printed page.

Look At Your Hands, Not The Page

Look at the keys while you play, not the printed page. It’s the same with music: what matters is that the player knows what to do, not how they have acquired the information.


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