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There Is No Shortcut To Piano Mastery

There Is No Shortcut To Piano Mastery

There is no shortcut to mastering the piano. The factors that govern how fast you will learn the piano are the amount of time you spend playing, and the overall plan you have to reach your goal. Have you set your goal yet? Do you want to be Horowitz or Art Tatum? If your goal is to play a few songs that you love, then you may reach that goal soon. If your goal is to be a world-class pianist, you will need world-class teachers and training.

Go For Strength And Theory

Concentrate on two areas. Physical strength, and a knowledge of music theory and chords. Since everything in music is made of chords, it is the quickest way to gain control mentally of the instrument. Depending on your goal, you will need to learn to read music. I suggest you separate your study into two parts initially. Playing first. Reading later.

A Tree With Two Branches

On one side, do all you can to increase you skill at reading music. Don't limit what you play to what you can read. It's very likely that you will read music at a lower level than what you can play by ear or eye. Almost everyone can play music far more difficult than they can read.  So start playing by ear, by chord, by pattern before you start depending on music reading to get the information you need to play a song.

Switch Teachers If You Have To

Don't be afraid to simplify the songs you want to play, at first. Don't be afraid to switch teachers, methods or books. Find what suits you. There is no shortcut to piano mastery. But having a reasonable plan and professional guidance will allow you to learn at the fastest pace.

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