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TV Is Bad For Kids And Piano Can Help

TV Is Bad For Kids and Piano Can Help

TV is bad for kids and piano can help balance the intense brain drain. Tech destroys your child's ability to form thoughts. Television is the worst offender, due to the largely verbal content. But any technology that takes over one's mind like the internet or cell phone is actively lessening people's ability to think for themselves.

This is especially true of children. Video games, for example, lead a child's mind through what seems like a series of free choices. But the options are in reality a random assembly of prearranged actions in which the child has no real choice. The child creates no thoughts of their own.

Piano Is Easy

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Tech Turns Kids Into Robots

The child is just part of the tech robot. It may be fun, but it leads nowhere in terms of mental development. The video game keeps going even if the child makes a mistake, but music stops entirely if the player is not in control, and this is a huge difference.

To play music at the piano, the child's brain must be quiet and attentive to the assigned set of tasks. As a child plays a song at the piano, there emerges a verbal and visual log of events that teaches the child how to produce original thoughts and actions.

Piano Requires Total Effort Every Time

The path through a song at the piano is different each time, even though the child may be playing the same song over and over. This is because they are in charge of everything and unexpected events occur (errors) with which the child must deal. If you want to develop your child's ability to think, choose a musical instrument like the piano instead of a computer.

If you have ever tried to teach a child anything after they have been using a digital device for an hour, you know what frustration is like. The child's mind is dulled, not sharpened by using the digital device.

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