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Easy Piano Songs Sheet Music

Easy Piano Songs Sheet Music

There are many easy piano songs whose sheet music is readily found free on the internet. One site, Music Notes, will give you the first page of the sheet music free, and you can print it.  I use it for my students every day. They will say, "I want that song that goes..." and if I don't know the song, this is the site to which I go.

Type the name of the song in their search box, and select an arrangement type on the right side. We suggest "easy piano" as the type of arrangement to select. Unless you can read music really well, choose a "transposition" to the key of C major or A minor. This will give you a version with as few black keys as possible. Kids find black keys confusing.

The Easiest Songs Are On The White Keys

Songs in the "easy, all white keys" category would be:

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Jingle Bells 

Old MacDonald

What If You Can't Read Music?

If you can't read music, or can't read fluently, you may have difficulty with the sheet music to easy piano songs. But we have found a way around this. It will prove valuable for both adults and kids. First, you number the keys using our numbered, removable stickers. See the drawing below.

Numbered Keyboard

Then select one of our books. Here's a sample page from Piano Is Easy, our simplest book for young kids.

Sample Pages From Piano Is Easy

Sample Page Piano Is Easy

Try some songs on our online piano

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
| 1 1 5 5 | 6 6 5 * | 4 4 3 3 | 2 2 1 * |
Jingle Bells
| 3 3 3 * | 3 3 3 * | 3 5 1 2 | 3 * * * |

 It's As Easy As Banging A Drum

Most kids want to play easy piano songs but they have trouble with the sheet music. Now kids can get their start at the piano without reference to reading music. Reading music can easily be delayed until later, when the child is comfortable with the piano keyboard.

Piano Is Easy

Piano Is Easy Printed Book

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Why Start With Numbers?

You have to have some language to communicate the musical notes to the child. It can be verbal and visual, it can be notes, it can be numbers. But you'll need some way to show the child which keys to press. We chose numbers because numbers are instinctive to a child.

The piano has so many complexities that it is best to make it simple in the beginning. If you want to play easy piano songs, the sheet music may have to take a back seat for a while.This is especially true with younger kids.


We've turned notes into numbers for happy beginners at the piano!


Our PLAY ALONG SONGS are produced by Grammy Award winner Joe Castellon of Sesame Street. They're such an important element in making the piano fun for kids!



Our books and videos are created by Emmy Award winning composer and leading children's educator John Aschenbrenner. Get your child happily started at the piano!



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