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Kid's Piano In Kindergarten and Preschool

Kid's Piano In Kindergarten and Preschool

Kid's piano in kindergarten and preschool has much to offer both child and teacher. But it has to be presented in a form the child can embrace.

If you're a kindergarten or preschool teacher and there's a piano in the classroom, I have good news for you. You can get your kids to enjoy the piano without reading music. Kindergarten and preschool kids are always ready for musical fun, and here's a simple way to do it.

Number The Keys

Number the white keys, starting from Middle C as number 1, up to number twelve.

Try a song on the online piano below:

| 5 6 * 5 | 3 * 8 * | 6 * 5 * | 5 6 5 6 | 5 * 8 * | 7 * * * |

You don't even have to play the piano yourself or read music. Here are some fun kindergarten piano games for your kids:

Twinkle, Twinkle

All kids love Twinkle Twinkle. Once your piano keys are numbered for the kids, have each child go up to the piano and play the beginning notes of the song:

1 1  5  5  6  6  5

Any child can happily do that. Not only will it reinforce the child's knowledge and confidence with numbers, but they have a chance to experience playing the piano.

Up And Down

Show the kids how the numbers go up and down. Get them to come to the piano and show how up and down works at the piano.

Skips And Steps

Kids can play play musical leapfrog with the piano. Have the kids play the numbers 1 3 5 7 9, etc. Those are skips. Then play the notes next to each other, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9, etc. Those are steps. There are two different ways to move around the piano for kids.

The Softest Note

Have each child come to the piano and try to play the softest note they can. Kids will enjoy the absurdity of the game. You'll find that, when you number the piano keys, the piano becomes a learning toy. The piano easily teaches concepts such as up/down, left/right, soft/loud. 


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