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Help Your Child Enjoy The Piano

Help Your Child Enjoy Piano

Here are ten things you can do to help your child enjoy the piano. Many of them need to be done before your child plays a single note.

Piano Is Easy

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Find the right piano teacher. Unless the child enjoys spending time with this person, you are wasting your money.


Don't get a piano teacher because they have a reputation for results. Get a piano teacher who the kids like. Ask kids, their parents and others about prospective piano teachers.


Don't insist that they practice. Ever. That is the piano teacher's job.


Ask them to play you a song. If they have a good teacher, they will be working on a song they like and will be happy to show off. I'm going to repeat #3: don't insist they practice. If they have to be nagged, something is wrong, and it is your attitude.


Get a decent instrument. It doesn't have to be a Steinway, but you'd be surprised how many parents expect a child to enjoy playing a piano with stuck keys, no pedals, etc.


A decent electronic keyboard, no matter how cheap, is better than a piano that doesn't work properly.


Don't compare your child to any other, either to the child or yourself. The reason for this is that playing the piano is completely dependent on the stage of brain development. Thus, each child will be radically different in their abilities, just as they are different in personality.


Play piano music recordings in the house. You don't have to explain, just have the sound of the piano present at times. If you can play, play.


Don't take it too seriously. If you do, you will put pressure on the child, often with disastrous results.


Praise your child's tiny accomplishments at the piano. You have no idea how difficult it is to play anything properly at the piano. A child should be praised simply for trying.


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