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Are My Kids Ready for Piano?

Are My Kids Ready for Piano?

Many parents ask, "Are my kids ready for piano?" If piano lessons are full of pressure, you'll need a child ready to weather the storm. But suppose piano lessons are a caring and fun time where the child is allowed to be themselves and explore the instrument?

 If that is so, there are almost no limits on age. Let's suppose you have a very young child, say three or four, and you want piano lessons. Don't get a teacher who thinks they can teach hand positions, fingering and reading music to such young kids.

All of these "basic" subjects are beyond children at the youngest ages. The youngest children will play with their index finger. It is instinctive, and you had better accept it at first, and see if you can build on that.

The younger the child, the less physical skills they will have. The piano is relentless in demanding these skills.


Basic Concepts Required

A child needs to know left from right, up from down, and a few other basic concepts to be able to navigate the piano. They may not even need to know these if you can go slow enough and interest the child in the keys and the sound itself.

I have found that very young kids use the piano to get the idea of left/right. The piano is a fun place to learn this skill.

Can They Do A Task?

The younger the child, the less they understand what a task is. With very young kids, forget assignments. Just get them to the piano and have fun. If your child is ready they will be able to do most of the following:

1. Demonstrate a desire to go to the piano and make sound
2. Tell left from right
3. Be able to count to ten
4. Be able to say the beginning of the alphabet A B C D E F G

Get a teacher who is experienced with very young kids at the piano, and you have a chance of a good start. Conventional wisdom says to start at age six with piano lessons that center on reading music. If you're willing to lower the bar, any age is fine.

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