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Preschool Piano Lessons Near Me

Piano Lessons

A local Mom asked, "Where can I find preschool piano lessons near me, here in New Milford?" My suggestion was to find a teacher who would come to her house. Actually, you don't even need to be in Connecticut, or the USA. I also teach via webcam anywhere in the world.

But back to home lessons in Connecticut. Lessons in your home are much easier on you and the kids. There is no travel time, and there is no waiting time while your child has their lesson.

In addition, you can observe the lesson from the comfort of your own home, and see directly the progress your child is making. So if you're asking, "Where can I find preschool piano lessons near me, here in New Milford?" you should consider John Aschenbrenner, one of the most experienced lessons-at-home piano teachers in the area.

Piano Is Easy

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What Piano Method Do I Use?

I use common sense, backed up by a solid conservatory education. My specialty is preschool or school age child beginners. Parents usually seek me out because I have a reputation for interesting kids in the piano, and not being a disciplinarian. My mission is to get a child happy to learn abut the piano.

Conventional methods don't do this. They put your child into a straitjacket of curriculum and exercises. Few children emerge from this regime with any interest in music or the piano.

Get The Kid Interested First

The best strategy is to abandon reading music as a starting platform. We number the keys and use numbers as a language that kids instinctively adopt. Here's what your piano keyboard will look like with the numbered, removable stickers installed.

Numbered keyboard

Kids readily respond to numbers. In contrast, reading music requires facility with juggling numerous planes and dimensions.

Find Familiar Songs The Child Knows

After you number the keys, find songs that the child knows and finds recognizable. Since numbers are easy to find both on the page and the keyboard, the child will enjoy playing the song. It is wisest to start kids with songs on the white keys. Many kids are confused by the irregular pattern of the black keys.

Sample Pages

Samples Pages Piano Is Easy

Try songs on the white keys on our online piano


| 1 1 5 5 | 6 6 5 * | 4 4 3 3 | 2 2 1 * | 
| 3 3 3 * | 3 3 3 * | 3 5 1 2 | 3 * * * |
| 1* 1 | 1 * 2 | 3 * * | 3 * 3 | 2 * 1 | 2 * 3 | 1 * * |

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We've turned notes into numbers for happy beginners at the piano!

Play Along Songs Are Fun!


Turn that big piano into a toy! Play fun piano games with your child today! We help take the confusion out of beginning music theory.

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