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Some Kids Don't Like Piano

Some Kids Don't Like Piano

Some kids don't like piano. It's like broccoli. You may hate or love it.

I've never met a piano hater, but I have heard of them. Go to Google and look up the search term "I hate piano" and you will be astonished at the stories kids have published. These kids hate their teachers and the parents who force them to play, not the instrument, or music. Read them all with deep understanding.

They hate the piano only because their teacher has unwittingly taught them to hate. Had they studied tuba with the same teacher, they would hate that instrument, too. It's the teacher's approach that stinks.

Piano Is Easy

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Listen To Your Child

As a parent, you're going to have to listen to your child's entreaties to quit, especially if you have made the mistake of forcing them to practice, or have hired a disciplinarian for a teacher. Sometimes it is the expectations of parents that create the problem. Some parents want guidelines and disciplines, and expect quasi-military regimentation. "I'm paying for lessons so you get in there and practice an hour a day."

In such cases, it is the parents who are causing the problems. But the problem is usually a disciplinarian piano teacher who is ill-suited to the personality of the child. The State Board Requirements are important, but only to an older, more accomplished student, not a beginner. Every kid I have ever seen who is curious about the State Boards tries them once, and never repeats them. Why? Because they are dry, boring experiences.

Kids Prefer A Friendly Teacher

Most kids expect an easy going attitude on the part of the teacher. You would do well to determine if the piano is right for a child at this time. Some kids are just not into piano, or it is the wrong teacher for them at this time, but they don't know how to express it. If the child is older, say 10 or so, and have had years of lessons, listen to them and find another teacher, or stop.

If the child young and is at the start of their piano career, try to find out what the lessons are like. Request a comic re-enactment of the teacher by the child. Kids love that. If the child insists they want to play but hate the teacher, try another teacher.

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