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Kid's Piano Lesson Survival Statistics

Kid's Piano Lesson Survival Statistics

Kid's piano lesson survival statistics depend entirely on the choice of teacher and method. Choose the wrong teacher, and your child has a 90% chance of failure. When you purchase piano lessons for your kids, you are buying a product with a predictably short shelf life.

This is especially true if you start with methods that rely only on reading music. Why do some kid's piano lessons last such a short time, sometimes only months? Surely, if the piano takes a long time to learn to play even moderately well, you would want a child's course of study to go on for quite a while.

The problem lies with the piano teachers, who know less about child psychology than anyone realizes.

Piano Is Easy

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Kids Don't Care That Mom Is Paying

Kids are kids, and paying some stranger money will not necessarily get the kids interested in the piano. Children need an element of fun, especially the youngest kids. Money means nothing to the child, but the presence or lack of fun is a very vital issue to the child.

What almost all piano teachers do is immediately start indoctrinating the child into the minutiae of musical notation. A better course would be to create activities that show the child the eventual rewards of music making, one of which is fun.

Let The Child Taste The Rewards Of Music

Unless you show the child the rewards of music at the beginning, you enter into a steady decline in interest. Even with a good and enthusiastic start, there is so much to learn at the piano that it can be difficult to survive. The statistics are grim.

Play A Song With Numbers


| 1 1 5 5 | 6 6 5 * | 4 4 3 3 | 2 2 1 * |

Convince Them It's Fun From Day One

Without an inspirational start, nine out of ten kids quit piano within a year. The cause of quitting is largely dietary. If one limits the child's repertoire to what they can read in sheet music, the result is a repertoire of very boring pieces. Very few children will want to play these exercises in the long-term. To expect a child to embrace such boring repertoire is to ensure failure.

Far better to follow the child's nature. Reveal the difficulties of musical notation only after they have been convinced that the piano is a fun activity. If you lower the bar in the beginning, you have a far greater chance of your child surviving the crucial first year of lessons.


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