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“We have been studying musical composers this week and focused on Beethoven yesterday. After reading a short juvenile biography, my son exclaimed, “I want to compose a symphony, right now!” So he ran across the house to the piano, sat down and wrote 5 pages full of numbers (his “symphony” has 3 movements). If he hadn’t had the tools you had given us, the 12 stickers on the keyboard, he would not have had the gumption to try it. He sat there for 2 and a half hours, composing and playing. I finally had to beg him to take a lunch break! Talk about a child wanting to take a piano lesson!

This is his response to your program after only 3 weeks! I look forward to watching his progress with your program.

My 5 year old son didn’t want to be left out of our Beethoven study and asked me to write out Ode to Joy in numbers for him to learn. He practiced several times yesterday and played it flawlessly for Daddy last night. He is working on London Bridge right now. Oh, he just exclaimed, “That’s easy, Mommy!”

Thank you, thank you, thank you!”  -- B.B.



“I keep the piano number book on the piano, and when our friends come to visit they sit down, and every one is fascinated with how easy it is to get the idea of playing the piano. We love it. All the kids take a turn! My youngest child is always asking me when he gets to take his piano lesson and put on the CD.”


“My child ’s piano teacher uses numbers and all sorts of musical games in their weekly piano lesson and has really gotten my son excited about piano. He’s started sheet music, slowly, but mostly he just loves to play songs, new ones, old ones. On Memorial Day we had a barbecue, and a neighbor wanted her daughter to show us her piano playing (after a year.) She played one song, Mary Had a Little Lamb, I think, very slowly and with no pleasure at all, as if it were a chore. I said, “David, play ‘em a song.” My son played song after song, all by number, and all with a real sense that he enjoyed it. He played for almost half an hour. Everyone was amazed at the difference in attitude. The girl’s mom asked me for our piano teacher’s phone number.”



“My daughter had a horrible first experience with piano lessons. Our teacher was an older lady, very nice but very strict, who insisted on teaching our daughter sheet music only, the ‘old school.’ My daughter hated it with a passion. Then this spring we took lessons with John, and his ‘fun method,’ and all of a sudden my child loves music and waits by the window for her piano lesson. I think this method works because it moves at the child’s pace, not the teacher’s. I’m amazed. Why didn’t they think of this when I was a kid?”


“I was very skeptical about this ‘piano by number’ stuff. My daughter is 13 and has had 4 different teachers over the years since she was 7, but she still can’t really play many songs or read music. She wants to play and loves the piano, but doesn’t seem to succeed with conventional teachers. Then we got John as a teacher, and Marty, that’s my daughter, just took off. The first week he had her playing Moonlight Sonata, and a Bach Prelude, both hands, and she was so happy. John seems to understand instinctively what kids need to continue being excited about learning music and piano. I think John knows how to give a child a piano lesson!”


“I’m 52, retired early, and I wanted to try to learn piano. I tried piano when I was a kid, but reading the notes was just too difficult. Anyway, John got me started with numbers, and all of a sudden it made sense to me. I started this February, that’s four months, and I can play a dozen classical pieces (stuff like the Clementi Sonatina and Bach and Beethoven, etc) all by number and ear. I was amazed how John insisted I memorize the music so that I could look at the keys. Even my father, who plays, who was very skeptical about the stickers and the numbers, was amazed when he heard me play piece after piece. I’m also learning sheet music too, little by little, but I can already play songs so it’s a great incentive now to learn sheet music, too. This is the way to get started!”


“A friend’s child came over and played with perfect fingering and everything but it was clear he hated it. Then my daughter played a few songs, and it was clear that she loved music and piano from how she launched into the songs so passionately and with such a sense of fun. I’m so glad I opted for a teacher who went slowly and understands kids. Kids really want to play, you just have to go slowly. This numbers stuff really works. Sheet music can wait a little while they gain confidence.”

From Parents:

“Last night the whole family played “Name That Tune” in the living room, and our daughter played all the songs!”


“My mother remarked that the kids could read music she put in front of them. They aren’t intimidated, they just try and read it.”


“My daughter started playing piano by numbers, and then she started teaching me. I always wanted to play. It’s a lot of fun to do together.”


“I have a six year old granddaughter and she is always going to the piano and playing her songs. All this week she’s been playing “Danny Boy” and I love it!”


“John knows what kids like to play and how to make learning fun. He has a unique style of teaching and my older son looks forward to his piano lesson each week.”


“My children practice without being told!”


“John’s method of teaching is really great for children. He builds their confidence and makes music fun for them.”


“John has a great rapport with his students. He makes it easy for his students to enjoy playing piano.” 


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