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Kid's Piano Difficulties

Kid's Piano Difficulties

Kid's piano difficulties often are caused by the teacher's method or manner. Some kids take to the piano instantly, while others fumble and muddle and feel awful about the experience. The piano teacher is the only reason for these difficulties.

If you have a bright, bubbly child of six, there is no reason that a competent instructor can't interest that child in the piano. You might even get them very excited about the idea of playing the piano.

Piano Is Easy

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When A Child Wants To Quit

Yet many parents experience that awful day when their child comes home and says, "I don't want to do piano." What do you do? Is your child at fault? The truth is that almost all music teachers use the same method, year in and year out.

It doesn't matter who the child is. Most teachers have very little idea of child psychology. And to be perfectly honest, they are mostly concerned with making a living. It's not that they don't want to retain their piano students for a long time. It is that they can only teach one way. If your child doesn't respond to that, tough luck for your child.

If your child isn't "getting it," the piano teacher then either consciously or unconsciously discourages the child. The result is that awful moment when the child realizes that there is no fun of any kind to be had with that teacher.

Get A Creative Piano Teacher

The good news is that there are instructors out there that inspire kids and get them to enjoy playing. Start your search for the right piano teacher, and say to yourself, "There is a good teacher out there for my child, I just have to find them."

Always audition children's piano teachers. Always listen to your child when they complain about a piano teacher. The piano is too difficult for a child to to learn if they don't have a caring, nurturing guide. Anything less is unfair to your child. No piano teacher is better than the wrong one.


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