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Beethoven Was No Beauty

Beethoven Was No Beauty

Beethoven's childhood nickname was The Spaniard. He was dark skinned and different. His fellow German friends and schoolmates were light skinned and fair haired.

Beethoven was no fair-haired beauty.

Ludwig was intense. The great Beethoven had a huge head, a wild mass of hair, and somewhat protruding "buck" teeth. He was also a habitual spitter, which he did wherever and whenever he pleased. He was also clumsy, and had a habit of accidentally upsetting small furnishings in the fine homes he visited.

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Ludwig Was A Very Bad Dancer

As a dancer, he was awkward and unbalanced, an interesting revelation given the amazing rhythmic vitality of his music. Beethoven's friends noted many times the cuts on his face from shaving. Ludwig may have been the greatest composer in history, but lacked this simple skill.

His moods were wildly varied, but associates recall him as generally sullen. Beethoven's apartments were an unholy mess. It was a jumble of pens and spilled pots of ink and piles of laundry and last night's dinner plate piled together in one grand mess.

One Of The First Composers Ever Published

In those days a composer was lucky to get anything from the work of composing. Beethoven mastered the new world of music publishing and died a wealthy man. But there was another side to Ludwig.

Beethoven Was A Loner

He was entirely original, a fact that everyone who knew him or his music acknowledged readily. There were very few people he could trust with his inner thoughts. Although he fell in love many times, he always seemed to pick women that were unattainable.

Most were either married or above his social station. Thus he lived alone, and then his terrible deafness became total. In deafness, Beethoven retreated into a fantasy world of musical construction. He wrote music of personal, haunting beauty, as if he now wrote for himself alone. Perhaps he believed he was the only one who could understand this late music.



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