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Kid's Music and the Piano

Kid's Music and the Piano

Kid's music and the piano are inextricably linked. The piano is the first instrument most children learn, given how simple it is to just push the buttons.

Which type of music the kid is listening to is largely dependent on the parents. But there are some qualities of musical taste that are forever popular with kids.

Kids music should be fast. They get very excited and happy if there is a bouncy beat. For that matter, we all do. But kids can be attracted to any piece for a while, slow or fast.

Piano Is Easy

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Play Happy, Jaunty Music

Thus, during a piano lesson, you might try playing a jaunty 8 bars of music to liven them up. Out of the blue. Play a Chico Marx riff for a moment.

Learning piano is hard work, and a child's smile creates more energy for themselves than all the commands you will issue that day.

Have you ever noticed how animated and excited a child becomes when there is fun, fast music playing? Part of the trick of kids music lessons is to get them to have that feeling during the lesson as well.

Enthusiasm First

To accomplish this good mood, you need to think of a kid's piano lesson as a whole music experience. Consider these points: If you don't play them some good music today, nobody else will. If you have to, play a CD of some great classical music.

Try lively selections, like Herrold's ZAMPA Overture, or Beethoven's 7th Symphony. Let them dance and be boisterous to the music. Sober, serious study is for people who know why they will undertake such labor.

Childhood is for exploration and joy.

Obey The Kid's Taste In Music

Never forget why people listen to music in the first place. They listen because it is pleasurable. No matter how difficult the work of learning the piano, you can dilute the frustration by demonstrating the reward. The reward is playing kid's music that is fun, not drudgery.

Music Functions According To Age

In infancy, music is rhythm. As a toddler, it is the shape of familiar tunes that are fun to listen to and to sing. For a youngster of 5 or 6 it is a mood shaper that tells you how to feel.

At the onset of puberty, music is your personal definition, what distinguishes you from your parents. The future musical taste of a child is nothing more than the sum what they have listened to.

Music As A Demonstration Of Joy

Enrich the child's future musical taste by showing that music is a demonstration of joy. Then you may show the complexity of music, which is almost unlimited. You have to get a child to believe that making music at the piano is a joy.  If you don't you will only teach them that the piano is meaningless drudgery at which they will never be good.

The primary motivation of any maturing child is to be good at something. Every child is naturally joyous. First get them to feel exuberant about the piano.

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