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Learn Piano Fast As An Adult

It's true you can learn piano fast as an adult. 

That's because an adult's brain is more capable of dealing with the immense complexity of the piano.

But not every adult can learn quickly, because all brains are not alike. The piano requires a peculiar group of skills, almost all of which are foreign to adults and children alike.


Adults may succeed in learning the piano because of the advanced development of their brains.

Most people think that you have to have great fingers and other specific physical skills to play piano, but that is not true.

Learning piano is about 65% brain work. That means that, while your fingers are important, what really matters is what your brain sees and understands.

Memory plays a part, also, and adults are always more adept at recalling information. The fact is that you cannot play piano if your eyes are stuck to the page, two and a half feet away from your fingers.

You must be looking at your hands and the keyboard. Would you drive with your eyes closed?

Try A Song With Numbers

Sharp 4 ( #4 ) is the black key between 4 and 5. If 4 has no #, it is the white key 4.

The Lady Is A Tramp

| * 5 #4 6 | 4 4 * 4 | 3 1 3 #4 |



The largest factor is your choice of teacher. With the wrong teacher, your efforts will cease almost as soon as they begin.

Avoid disciplinarian piano teachers who insist on reading music and nothing else. You will choke on this dull diet. Find a teacher who understands the student's point of view.

You may be asked to play music that is meaningless, dull and baby-simple. It won't inspire you to do the work needed to progress.


Take care to find the right guidance in the following areas:

1. TEACHER  Find a teacher who will simplify the music you want. Always wanted to play STORMY WEATHER? The teacher should follow your quest to play the music you want. Never allow a teacher to force you to play a piece you don't like.

2. SONGS Play what you love. Avoid the "exercise" pieces that overwhelmingly inhabit beginner piano books. If your teacher can't simplify that song you love, get another teacher who can.

 3. PRACTICE It is true that the more you play, the better you get. But what if you don't want to practice because the music you are expected to play does not appeal to you?

The answer is that your favorite piece can teach you the same principles that are in the "exercise" pieces, and you will want to practice because you like the music.

Exercise pieces are like cardboard food: you will not like it.

It is a great hobby for adults. Before you start, find a method and teacher that you like and will adjust to your desires.


Adult Piano 

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