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Piano Lessons In Your Home

John Aschenbrenner

Taking piano lessons in your own home has never been easier! Kids and parents are always more comfortable when they don't have to drive to the lesson. The lesson begins right on time at home!

My name is John Aschenbrenner and I provide professional piano lessons in the comfort of your home in the New Milford, Connecticut area. I'm currently a Piano Instructor at Kent School, in Kent CT. I've taught piano at many other schools, including the Marvelwood School in Kent. I am an Emmy Award winning composer and have been teaching kids and adults piano in the NY/CT area for 25 years.

Whether you are an adult starting piano lessons or a parent who wants to give a child the gift of music, you have come to the right place. If you have a desire to learn you can play the piano.

I use a fun method to get kids and adults started playing. I emphasize the entertaining elements of piano to interest and engage kids with the piano.

While I have had the complete classical conservatory experience, that doesn't mean I expect that of you in any way, especially kids.

It's in your interest to play meaningful music (to you), right away. It is possible for anyone to play music far more complex than what they can read on a page. My first goal is to get you started playing real songs on your first lesson.

  • Education: BA University of California, Berkeley. MA University of Southern California Film School, DIPLOMA Trinity College of Music, London.
  • Emmy Award winner, music direction. Broadway veteran. Recordings with American Symphony Orchestra released by Sterling Records.
  • Advanced Piano lessons using the European tradition, pupil of Tobias Matthay School (London) and Denise Lassimone (Paris)
  • Currently a Professor of Piano at Kent Preparatory School in Connecticut.

Lesson Details: If you're a beginner, I want you to start playing right away. There's less emphasis on deciphering sheet music and more on the immediate physical sense of the keyboard. You have to enjoy playing by any means before you are inundated with the page. Reading music follows soon, but not before you can play music you like. If you're more advanced, I can help you with technical development, and begin to widen your musical senses.

Travel Equipment: I provide Books and Musical Literature. Students must have instrument, electronic or acoustic.

Specialties: I teach any style of music that you prefer. I also accept students with disabilities and special needs.

Call John Aschenbrenner 914 257 6188 or email me using the contact form on this site.

I also teach remotely anywhere in the world via webcam. 


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  • Hi,
    I saw your listing on the Pianobynumber website, and would love to become a pupil, but I live in Stamford and that’s quite a distance from you. The reason I’m contacting is to ask if you have any contacts in this area who would be willing to give in-home lessons (I prefer the “old-school”method, and I’m an adult (physician) with a call schedule which might make a music school problematic). Any suggestions would be helpful.
    Thank You,
    Rich Morgulis

    Rich Morgulis

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