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Piano by Number for Preschool

Piano by Number for Preschool

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Purchase Piano Is Easy and Games For The Piano as a set for a special price! Suitable for all ages! 

PIANO IS EASY167 page illustrated printed book with 74 songs

GAMES FOR THE PIANO, 126 page illustrated printed book with 30 fun piano games. 

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  • Suitable for the beginner
  • Packed with songs that the child can explore on their own
  • Includes pre-printed, easy peel-off PIANO BY NUMBER stickers
  • FREE Piano By Number Mobile Phone APP
  • Free USA Shipping


PIANO IS EASY contains 74 songs that use only the white keys of the piano, as all entry level piano methods do. It does not contain chord indications, because younger kids are fully occupied with trying to play with one hand.

ABC Song | Alouette | Amazing Grace | Animal Fair | A Tisket A Tasket | Aura Lee | Baa Baa Black Sheep | Barcarolle | Bicycle Built for Two | Brahms’ Lullaby |  Camptown Races | Can Can | Chopsticks | Clementine | Dora The Explorer | Down By The Station | Down in the Valley | Do You Know the Muffin Man? | Dreydl Song |  Eensy Weensy Spider | Fantasie Impromptu (Chopin) | Firework | Flintstones | Frère Jacques | Go Tell It On The Mountain | Happy Birthday | Hey, Diddle, Diddle | Home Sweet Home | How Much Is That Doggie In The Window | I’m A Little Teapot | If You’re Happy And You Know It | I Gave My Love A Cherry | Indiana Jones | In The Gloaming | It’s Raining, It’s Pouring | Jingle Bells | Lazy Mary | Let it Go | Listen to the Mockingbird | London Bridge | Lonesome Valley | Long, Long Ago | Mary Had A Little Lamb | Mickey Mouse Club | Muppets | On Top of Spaghetti | Piano Man | Pop Goes The Weasel | Red River Valley | Scooby Doo | Skater’s Waltz | Spongebob | Star Wars | Swing Low Sweet Chariot | Take Me Out To The Ballgame | The Bear Went Over The Mountain | There’s A Hole In The Bucket | This Train | Wallace And Gromit | Waltzing Matilda | Wheels On The Bus | Wiggles | You Are My Sunshine | Baby Shark | Under The Sea | Rain, Rain Go Away | Bingo | Colors of the Wind | Humpty Dumpty | Buckle My Shoe | Going to the Zoo | The Lion Sleeps Tonight | Peter Cottontail | Elmo's Song

GAMES FOR THE PIANO CONTAINS 30 GAMES with Audio Accompaniment

FOURS: Student plays white keys four times each, from one to twelve. Try online here.
THREES Same game but counting in groups of three.
ADVENTURE with teacher’s directions. A rhythm game in which the child’s part is the simplest of all.  ADVENTURE without teacher’s directions.
HAPPY OR SAD: Kids identify the emotional quality of small passages (a group of notes ) or chords.
WHICH WAY IS UP: Kids identify the direction in which the music is moving. NAME THAT SONG: A game show involving very familiar songs.
FOLLOW THE LEADER: Kids have to observe and repeat the pattern that the teacher plays.
FOURS WITH BLACK KEYS: A more complex version of the FOURS games which includes the black keys.

GAMES FOR THE PIANO: Also Includes 21 More Fun Piano Games:

1. Quarters 
2. Piano Dice Game
3. Mozart's Favorite Movie
4. Baseball, Kids and Piano
5. Chordomatic Piano Game
6. Finger Olympics for the Piano 
7. Piano Fingering with Familiar Songs
8. Extreme Piano Games for an ADHD Child 
9. Preschool Piano Games
10. Piano Practice Games 
11. The Future Effect of Piano Games 
12. Visual Piano Games and Exercises 
13. The Impossible Game for Kid's Piano 
14. ADHD Piano Games  
15. Precursor Skill Piano Games 
16. Piano Games to Play When All Goes Wrong  
17. Follow The Leader Piano Games  
18. Piano Hand Position Games 
19. How to Create Games for the Piano 
20. Toys and Accessories for A Fun Piano Lesson
21. Happy or Sad: Ear Training for Kids


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    SAMPLE PAGES: Games for the Piano


    SAMPLE PAGE: Piano Is Easy



    We've turned notes into numbers for happy beginners at the piano!

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