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I Can Read Music Download

I Can Read Music Download

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The Easiest Way To Start Piano!

Kid Thinking 

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This book is the easiest way to get your child started reading music!

This 50-page workbook holds dozens of small games that younger children will enjoy. Our introduction to the basic elements is fun -- the kids won't even know they're learning!

This book is the perfect preparation for any standard beginning piano textbook. It is the "missing step." No musical experience is required.

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Below is a sample page from I CAN READ MUSIC. We begin by breaking the visual elements of sheet music down into easily understood, small bits of information that the child can use to decipher the page. 

Distinguish the top and bottom line:


Children readily respond to this logical system, and slowly but securely start to relate the note on the page to the key on the piano.

Below is another sample page from I CAN READ MUSIC, where we acquaint the child with the “musical staff” and the circles which function as “notes.”

 Is the note on the top or bottom line?


No extra graphic detail is given at this time (such as clefs, time signatures, stems, rhythm, etc.) It’s easy to learn about sheet music if the tasks are broken down into minute steps, and are made into games. I CAN READ MUSIC contains all the ideas and games you need to help children make the transition from Piano by Number to sheet music. 

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