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Keyboard Model

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
| 5 6 * 5 | 3 * 8 * | 6 * 5 * | * * * * | 5 6 5 6 | 5 * 8 * | 7 * * * |

Piano By Number is the easiest way to start a child playing the piano. Just put the numbered stickers on your piano and you're ready to play.

Starting with reading music is not a good platform for kids, and they enjoy playing by number at first much more. Later, you can introduce the elements of reading music when they are comfortable with the geography of the piano.

Like a bicycle's training wheels, Piano By Number will be discarded when the child is ready for more complex tasks, like reading music. A good start leads to further interest.

Which Keyboard Model Should I Get?

Piano By Number works on any piano, keyboard or organ. If you're looking for an electronic keyboard, these 3 manufacturers have a keyboard model sure to fit your budget: Yamaha, Roland and Casio. 

Search for a keyboard on Google.

Try not to spend more than $100 on your first keyboard. You can invest more if the child shows interest.

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We've turned notes into numbers for happy beginners at the piano!

Play Along Songs Are Fun!


Turn that big piano into a toy! Play fun piano games with your child today! We help take the confusion out of beginning music theory.

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